All you can do is try…


As you all know, if you have read my earlier posts, I am not the most confident person in the world. This has its upside, of course, it means that no matter how much I receive criticism it will never be as much as I give to myself! The downside is I often build my own ‘obstacles’ so that I don’t try because I am afraid to fail.

So on my journey through social media, I joined several ‘writing’ groups on Facebook. Some of these are really fantastic and I couldn’t have achieved what I have so far without them. Yet some of them give me a cold shudder.

There are often hundreds and hundreds of posts from people who say that they want to write but cannot find the opening line, or they ask for critique on a piece that they have written, or they ask for ideas for storylines – which all in all is fine if the advice that comes back is constructive, but alas, some is not. The typical response is;

“You shouldn’t be a writer.”

Whilst I am an advocate for ‘everyone is entitled to their own opinion’, I often wonder how I would feel if I received this advice. I have always wanted to write, and as I have said before, I am by no means a ‘seasoned writer’ nor do I ever expect to wake up one morning and feel as such. I have a HUGE amount to learn and every time I write something I learn something new. It’s the doing that creates the learning.

I feel nervous every time I check my Amazon Report and see a number of downloads – I wonder what someone will think, I hope that they like it, and I panic. I could avoid all that of course if I just didn’t do it in the first place!

But if I didn’t do it, how could I learn? How brilliant would it be if we could ‘hatch’ from an egg and know everything and be at the level we all want to attain? Firstly there would be no programmes that featured people ‘Before They Were Famous’ if we could!

I worry that some people might give up on their ‘dream’ because they are told to do so by a stranger who lives millions of miles away, who may, or may not, have the experience to be able to make such a statement. I picture a forlorn figure packing away text books, pens and laptop because they have been told they ‘shouldn’t be a writer’.

I know that some people will hate what I write (shudder and sniff), I know that some people will spot mistakes that I have missed, I know that you can’t please everyone all of the time, but you can please some people some of the time. Most importantly I know that I enjoy writing. I enjoy creating characters and worlds from my head and then seeing them come to life on paper. It gives me such a thrill and I love it.

If you are passionate about something – go and do it. Always have your mind open to new ways and always be open to learning new things. Then even if you only achieve half of what you set out to do, at least you can say that you tried.

So when you feel like giving up it’s always best to have a quiet word with yourself and ‘try’ – that’s all you can do. After all, I have never met anyone who said;

“I am glad I never failed, purely because I never tried.”




The pen is mightier than the sword…then the keyboard must be an atomic bomb!



Well, it’s that half way point in the week and I am sorry to say that the ‘strange but true events’ are still ongoing and becoming weirder and stranger by the day. To say I feel like I have fallen down a rabbit hole would be an understatement – but hey I am looking forward to the Mad Hatters Tea Party!

I am doing my best to ensure that I keep on top of everything. All being well I should have finished a short story today and I am meeting my ‘social media’ goals.

Social media was a bit of an enigma to me, I have Facebook but haven’t really ‘used’ it and you all know the pain I went through starting this blog. So I am a very pale colour of ‘green’ when it comes to social media.

What has truly shocked me is the ‘arguments’ that take place!

One person comments and another person reacts, the first person responds even angrier, a third person gets involved, then a fourth, then the first person seems to disappear and person’s 10 and 24 are now at each other throats!

In the ‘real’ world when arguments take place, it happens over a short period of time and then it disperses (or escalates into something worse) – but on social media, the feud can go on for hours, if not days!

In the ‘real’ world when you are angry you don’t have time to ‘choose’ your words, so often you end up in a garbled mash of shouting “Arrarargh umba trareeer!”. Or you revert back to the playground and shout something like “Well I hate your shoes!”. On social media, there is that ‘time lapse’  and you would think that this would allow for clarity. It doesn’t, there are still people who shout “Well I hate your shoes!”.

As entertaining as it is being a fly on the wall of a full-scale social media fall out, it also makes me very sad to see the amount of hatred and anger between people that have never even met. But every villain has a superhero and there are also many acts of kindness and love on social media between people who have never even met – so there is always a positive to a negative!

Edward Bulwer – Lytton said ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’, but after being witness to some of the arguments on social media I think I have come to the conclusion that the keyboard must be an atomic bomb!

Have a good Wednesday and I will be back on Friday with my exciting news!