Time flies – whilst I crawl!


It’s Monday again! Can you believe how quickly the weeks roll by? Not even the weeks, the months even. Tomorrow it will be the first of August and then we only have five months left of the year (including August)! Where does the time go? Why is it that when you want more time you have less and then when you want less time you have more?

Looking back on this year I can’t believe we are eight months in. Waking up on the morning of the 01st January I had a list of items that I wanted to achieve in the year 2017. I had good intentions and I had a full twelve month year spanning in front of me…

Even at the half way point in the year, I knew that I hadn’t hit the half way point of my list, but I didn’t panic – I still had time. Now I am starting to panic – so much to cram in, so little time, only one of me…hyperventilate, breathe, hyperventilate.

And deep breath.

So I haven’t managed to tick off all my well-intended goals, but I have managed to hit goals I hadn’t planned for. So I have a choice.

I could try my best to cram it all in and hope for the best OR I could keep going and tick off what I can and not focus on whats left to do but focus on what I have done. So that is my ‘ponderation’ for this afternoon.

Perhaps if I only sleep for two hours a night…once a week…




Expanded Introduction!

This morning I decided that undertaking one daunting task (the blog) wasn’t enough for this week so I embarked on another one and sent a Mailshot (I know!). If you are one of the Mailshot recipients and have taken the time to read this – thank you! I hope you enjoy the blog.

I must confess that after I pressed ‘Publish’ on the post yesterday I spent most of the afternoon and evening with the following questions:

  1. Has anyone read it?
  2. Will I have trolls?
  3. Where have all the chocolate digestives gone?

I opened my computer this morning and had some answers:

  1. Yes they did (thank you!)
  2. Phew! No trolls!
  3. I ate them whilst I was wondering what I should write in my first blog.

Following on from yesterdays post I thought I would expand on my introduction and tell you about my writing.

As you can see from the header on this page my first book Silence Pushed is available to download from Amazon. It is a thriller about revenge and retribution and I have been overwhelmed by how well it has been received.

My second book is currently ‘in progress’ and I am hoping that this will be published late 2017. I may have some exciting news about this – so please watch this space…

I am really excited that a short horror story I wrote is to be included in a Horror Story Anthology due to be published in September 2017 –  I will post more information as soon as possible.

I have several other short stories out for submission and will keep you all suitably updated with their progress.

I have also written a few ‘flash fiction’ stories on the Commaful website and if you would like to read those you can follow this link: https://commaful.com/play/gemma2212/

I think that about covers the ‘expanded introduction’! Thank you for reading and if you have any questions then please drop me an email.

P.S: I had hoped that my second post would be a breeze – but unfortunately, the blinking cursor and the hovering fingers have made a dastardly reappearance today (and today I have no chocolate digestives!).










A nervous first blog…

I love to write… which is handy because I want to be a writer! So why have I been sitting here for the past ten minutes watching the cursor on the screen blink and staring at my keyboard as if it will shock me if I touch it?

To answer this question I suppose I will have to explain why I have decided to buy a piece of cyberspace real estate and start a blog, and I sort of covered it in my first paragraph. I want to be a writer. Wait! Please don’t stop reading! Give me a chance to explain…

I have written a book, in fact, two books (one is still ‘in progress’) and I have written several short stories which have been selected for anthologies. I didn’t just wake up this morning and decide that I want to be a writer. That would be naive! I woke up one morning last year and decided I wanted to be a writer. So I wrote a book and I self-published it on Amazon and I waited for readers to find it. And I waited. And I waited…

Then I joined a couple of groups on social media and read the accounts of fellow self-publishers. It began to slowly dawn on me that readers will not just come to the book – you have to take the book to the readers.

For several months I have pondered on the problem and have been putting off the inevitable. The inevitable being that in order to be a successful writer it is necessary for me to ‘self-promote’. After all, everyone in the UK knows of the existence of John Lewis yet every Christmas they ensure that they promote themselves as a reminder that they are there. So if no one knows I am here I will have to promote myself so they do. OK. Fine. Understood.

But promote? How on earth do I promote myself? I can feel myself breaking out into a cold sweat. How does one promote oneself when one is British? Too much promotion would be seen as cocky, too little promotion would seem self-deprecating. What would be the middle ground? Keeping in mind that the purpose of this blog is to engage with possible readers? Aaaaagggggghhhhhh! Damn that blinking cursor!

Not only am I fruitlessly searching for ‘middle ground self-promotion’, I am also nervous about the future of the blog. What am I going to write about on a regular basis? Obviously my experiences in writing – but what else? My hobbies? My favourite food? What happened when I put the bins out this morning? (Nothing by the way…) My thought? (even they scare me sometimes!) I am not an expert in any field – I have little amounts of knowledge about lots of things, and even then the little amounts of knowledge are often ‘weird’ (thanks, Dad).

This isn’t me. Ask anyone. I am methodical. I am tenacious. I set a goal and I aim for it. So why am I over complicating this? Why am I so nervous and unsure. I feel as if I am going for an interview…


Here I am an ‘unknown’ introducing myself for the very first time and I have to convince you, my reader, to follow my blog. How can I ensure that I ‘engage’ you? How can I convince you that you might enjoy what you read? If I am too cocky you will immediately exit the page. If I am too self-deprecating then why should you have confidence in me? So here goes…

Hi there, how are you? Welcome to my blog. I am new to this and will learn as I go. I am not sure what I will write about on weekly basis but I will endeavour to be honest, funny and engaging regardless of the topic. I do hope that you will give me the opportunity to prove myself and I will work hard to ensure that I live up to your ‘blogging’ expectations.

There. And breath….