Baking the books…


It’s midweek and as usual, the list is growing rather than shrinking – I hope all of you are having greater success at achieving your goals!

When I first started to write I thought that would be the hard part. I naively thought I could write a book, self-publish it and then wait for readers to find it. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would have to dip my toe into the uncharted waters of statistics, marketing, networking, and market research just so that I could guide possible readers to my work.

I was a fool (I still am in all honesty), but I never realised all the work that goes into ‘getting a book out there’.

I compare the process to baking a cake you have to follow the recipe to make sure that the end result is at least edible. Otherwise, you have wasted valuable time and ingredients making something that will go straight into the bin and be forgotten about or laughed at by your partner for years to come!


So if I follow the recipe and instructions then the cake should be edible? I could try it…but it would be hard for me to judge as I have just spent the last few hours mixing, cracking, stirring and cursing to create it. So I need some taste testers!

My taste testers are my readers and I welcome honest reviews. If you don’t like it then please let me and the other readers know why you didn’t enjoy it. If you did like it please leave a review letting other readers know that they might like to try it too.

So if you have tried a slice of my cake and you think that I need to leave it in the oven a little longer, or you enjoyed that slice and are waiting excitedly for another piece then please leave a review over at Amazon

All that talk of metaphorical cakes has made me hungry….



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