Happy (belated) Birthday Hitchcock!


Hello, everyone! I hope that you are all fine and dandy and had a wonderful weekend!

Yesterday Sir Alfred Hitchcock would have been 118 years old! He died in 1980 after directing more than fifty films in a career that spanned six decades. Now I am a bit of a mega fan so I could talk about him all day, but I will keep it short and sweet!

There are many many reasons why I am a big fan – and it would be an essay if I listed them all, but here are a couple that spring to mind.

The first is the story behind the making of Pyscho. He faced many struggles, yet he never gave up and this film is undoubtedly one of his most famous. If you don’t know the story and would like to find out more then I recommend that you watch the 2012 film, Hitchcock. Although a dramatisation of events it does give you an idea of how much he had to fight to make the film that he believed in.

When I’m struggling with things such as a bad review, or a rejection and I wonder whether I should keep trying I always remember this story. I tell myself that I should never give up trying because if you believe in something eventually (or hopefully) you will succeed.

Another reason – and without going into too much detail – is the way he had the ability to ‘create’. In ‘Rope’ he creates the claustrophobic atmosphere by only using a few sets, in ‘Strangers on a Train’ he creates paranoia in the ‘tennis scene’, and in ‘Pyscho’ you never ever see the blade enter the body, but it feels like you do. He had the ability to not just ‘tell’ the story but to ‘create’ the story.

I always remember this when I am writing – what do I want the reader to experience, see or feel? I imagine the scene in my head and I try my best to translate that into words so that I can take the reader on a journey with me.

So if you haven’t seen any Hitchcock films I strongly recommend that you put at least one in your ‘to see’ list. Undisputedly he was the ‘Master of Suspense’ and I am glad that I discovered him many many years ago! So Happy Belated Birthday Sir Alfred Hitchcock!

A bit of a tenuous link, but a link none the less- if you do like suspense and horror can I recommend that you pre-order The Corona Book of Horror Stories. My story is number 14 in the anthology – and I am so excited for its release on the 01st October! You could say I am in suspense!

Have a great Monday and I will blog again soon!



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