Happy #BookLoversDay!


I know – I used a hashtag! Just over 48 hours on Twitter and I am beginning to learn the ropes (I think).

So according to Twitter today is #BookLoversDay. As you all know I love books and my love affair with them started at a very young age.

We used to hold second-hand book sales at my primary school and I would go in with my £2.00 and pick up as many books as I could. Much to the horror of my Aunt, I would always buy the old books with yellow pages and a distinct musty smell when you opened them up. I imagined all the eyes that had skimmed those pages over the years and escaped into the imaginary world that the author had so lovingly and carefully created.

That hasn’t changed, I still love my musty old books, but I also love the accessibility of books over the internet. Whereas years ago you would think of a book and then pop it on your list for your next Library visit or Bookshop visit – now you can think of it, jump onto the world wide web and have it at your fingertips in no time!

This accesibility is not only great for readers but also for authors. I had always wanted to write a book and when I found out about self-publishing I took the leap and this has led to my second book being picked up by a publisher – details to follow soon!

So whether you are a ‘book lover reader’ or a ‘book lover writer’ I hope you have a very happy #BookLoversDay!


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