One small step for man, one giant tweet for me!


Happy Monday Everyone! The start of a new week and for those of you who were wondering I have climbed out of the rabbit hole albeit with tufts of moss in my hair! I am hoping the ‘series of unfortunate’ events have concluded – but I refer to an earlier post of mine – Truth is Stranger than Fiction – so I stay cautious…

Today I have done something I never ever thought that I would do – you know how phobic I am with social media sites! Wait for it…

I opened a Twitter page (is that even what you say?!?).

Please feel free to follow (is that it?) @cjrileyauthor. I promise I will not tweet constantly, I promise that the ethics of my ‘tweeting’ are mirrored by the ethics of my blog and I promise that I will learn what a ‘hashtag’ is and I will start to use it correctly.

The internet is a truly amazing place – but as I recall watching my Dad trying to turn the TV on with the cordless phone – I promise myself that I must try and learn how to use it!


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