Time flies – whilst I crawl!


It’s Monday again! Can you believe how quickly the weeks roll by? Not even the weeks, the months even. Tomorrow it will be the first of August and then we only have five months left of the year (including August)! Where does the time go? Why is it that when you want more time you have less and then when you want less time you have more?

Looking back on this year I can’t believe we are eight months in. Waking up on the morning of the 01st January I had a list of items that I wanted to achieve in the year 2017. I had good intentions and I had a full twelve month year spanning in front of me…

Even at the half way point in the year, I knew that I hadn’t hit the half way point of my list, but I didn’t panic – I still had time. Now I am starting to panic – so much to cram in, so little time, only one of me…hyperventilate, breathe, hyperventilate.

And deep breath.

So I haven’t managed to tick off all my well-intended goals, but I have managed to hit goals I hadn’t planned for. So I have a choice.

I could try my best to cram it all in and hope for the best OR I could keep going and tick off what I can and not focus on whats left to do but focus on what I have done. So that is my ‘ponderation’ for this afternoon.

Perhaps if I only sleep for two hours a night…once a week…




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