Humps and Bumps

Apparently, they call Wednesday ‘hump’ day! I believe that this is because it is the middle of the week and once you are on ‘the other side’ you can see the weekend. I could be wrong – so please feel free to correct me!

This is a short post because as I make my way through ‘hump’ day I am not only getting closer to the weekend – I am getting closer to a deadline too (I know! How professional does a deadline sound?!?) Hopefully I will have some exciting news regarding this ‘deadline’ very soon…

So I have spent the last few days pouring over paperwork, writing and re-writing, deleting, adding, writing and re-writing again in order to meet my deadline and complete it as well as I possibly can.

What has been interesting for me is that I have done this before for other pieces of writing. I don’t have a ‘set’ way of doing it. I just read it, mark it, retype it, save it, read it, delete…you get the picture. It seems to have worked in the past but when I started this project I split it up into ‘parts’.

Each section is neatly stapled in the left-hand corner and I now have a large piece of work in easy bite size chunks and surprisingly enough I have found that it has been so much easier!

I kick myself as I write this – it’s common sense that when tackling anything it easier to break it down into manageable pieces rather than try and attempt to ‘eat the whole cake’ (which I am sure I could by the way).

Whilst I am a bit ‘miffed’ at myself for not trying this approach earlier, I am also quite pleased that I have now ‘learned’ a better way of doing something -and that makes me think…

When I was a child (which I can just about recall, and yet some would say I still am!) and I went to school I ‘assumed’ that once I bade farewell to the institution I would never need to learn anything ever again. My learning would be complete and I would be set for life.

I realised a few years after leaving the safety of the school walls that what I learned at school was simply a foundation, sufficient enough to get me through life, but a tool to build on should I wish.

Since being on my path of writing I have learned so much, and its often easy to forget about how far you have come when you are pursuing a goal that seems impossible or very far away. As I have said before in previous blogs I know that I don’t know everything, and it is very unlikely that I will ever get to know ‘everything’ in my relatively short time on this planet, but today I can congratulate myself.

I learned something relatively small which has had a big positive outcome.

And that is one of my ‘humps’ – OK so the road map in front of me looks like the Himalaya’s and what I stepped over today was a pebble – but it was something. And if I take note of the pebbles on the way to my mountains I won’t stumble and perhaps my journey will be a smooth one!






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