A nervous first blog…

I love to write… which is handy because I want to be a writer! So why have I been sitting here for the past ten minutes watching the cursor on the screen blink and staring at my keyboard as if it will shock me if I touch it?

To answer this question I suppose I will have to explain why I have decided to buy a piece of cyberspace real estate and start a blog, and I sort of covered it in my first paragraph. I want to be a writer. Wait! Please don’t stop reading! Give me a chance to explain…

I have written a book, in fact, two books (one is still ‘in progress’) and I have written several short stories which have been selected for anthologies. I didn’t just wake up this morning and decide that I want to be a writer. That would be naive! I woke up one morning last year and decided I wanted to be a writer. So I wrote a book and I self-published it on Amazon and I waited for readers to find it. And I waited. And I waited…

Then I joined a couple of groups on social media and read the accounts of fellow self-publishers. It began to slowly dawn on me that readers will not just come to the book – you have to take the book to the readers.

For several months I have pondered on the problem and have been putting off the inevitable. The inevitable being that in order to be a successful writer it is necessary for me to ‘self-promote’. After all, everyone in the UK knows of the existence of John Lewis yet every Christmas they ensure that they promote themselves as a reminder that they are there. So if no one knows I am here I will have to promote myself so they do. OK. Fine. Understood.

But promote? How on earth do I promote myself? I can feel myself breaking out into a cold sweat. How does one promote oneself when one is British? Too much promotion would be seen as cocky, too little promotion would seem self-deprecating. What would be the middle ground? Keeping in mind that the purpose of this blog is to engage with possible readers? Aaaaagggggghhhhhh! Damn that blinking cursor!

Not only am I fruitlessly searching for ‘middle ground self-promotion’, I am also nervous about the future of the blog. What am I going to write about on a regular basis? Obviously my experiences in writing – but what else? My hobbies? My favourite food? What happened when I put the bins out this morning? (Nothing by the way…) My thought? (even they scare me sometimes!) I am not an expert in any field – I have little amounts of knowledge about lots of things, and even then the little amounts of knowledge are often ‘weird’ (thanks, Dad).

This isn’t me. Ask anyone. I am methodical. I am tenacious. I set a goal and I aim for it. So why am I over complicating this? Why am I so nervous and unsure. I feel as if I am going for an interview…


Here I am an ‘unknown’ introducing myself for the very first time and I have to convince you, my reader, to follow my blog. How can I ensure that I ‘engage’ you? How can I convince you that you might enjoy what you read? If I am too cocky you will immediately exit the page. If I am too self-deprecating then why should you have confidence in me? So here goes…

Hi there, how are you? Welcome to my blog. I am new to this and will learn as I go. I am not sure what I will write about on weekly basis but I will endeavour to be honest, funny and engaging regardless of the topic. I do hope that you will give me the opportunity to prove myself and I will work hard to ensure that I live up to your ‘blogging’ expectations.

There. And breath….





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